Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

Hate to be your Friday stalker but any closer on a public beta?


The team just got our firmware ported to WICED 6.6 which is a huge milestone.

Next up is getting the ADK 4.x working and we will be ready for beta.



As someone that had to reconnect it twice this week the update as is right now reconnecting it yet again. It can’t come soon enough.

As it’s been over a year I can’t believe I haven’t thrown it in the trash by now.

Hopefully by Spring 2021, we have something to work with on our controllers.

I’m in Florida going into are dry season so hopefully we will it a lot sooner than spring of next year.

This has become absurd!

End of our irrigation season has come, water is off until Spring. Sadly, the Rachio/HomeKit issues were still not resolved. While some headway appears to have been made, there was still no final solution or even a beta ready before my water was shut off. I’ll be disconnecting the Rachio and removing from HomeKit so I don’t keep getting the daily reminder that it didn’t work as promised.

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I eagerly await the weekly updates with the hopes that we get a beta announcement!


I’ve been following this thread for sometime and haven’t had a need to comment yet. Can I put my name out as someone who wants to beta test once available since it seems to be getting close?

I just bought your controller for my new home 4 months ago and only got as it was HomeKit compatible. I, as most have got it setup and now I can’t get it to connect anymore after the first week owning it.

Look forward to the fix!


As I see I need to go home and put this POS controller back online yet again I have to ask what is the status and the long overdue fix?


@Tzterri might have to wait until the Rachio 4 is released :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No update in 2 weeks and just had my last watering of the year this week. I’m feeling not-so-great about this again.

Funny how something as simple as a little communication can make such a big difference.


Hey Rachio community!

Providing a HomeKit update.

WICED 6.6 integration is working on the controller.

The ADK 4.x is currently being integrated with our firmware stack.

Hope to have more details at the end of this week towards the status.

Thanks for your patience and have a great week!


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