Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

Yes, I believe that is the current firmware. :man_shrugging:. Also, be aware that you’re serial and MAC aren’t really hidden… (looks like a slightly transparent black stripe, but it’s not solid so I can see them quite easily)

Deleted and thank you :blush:

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I upgraded to iOS 14 yesterday too and rachio3 is still working with homekit.

I’ve been running iOS14 beta for a while, never had any issues. I still show there are 13 updates in my HomeKit icon on all my devices - because I was downgraded on the firmware.

I will say I am very disappointed that we’ve have no updates since @Michael_I left the project. My watering season is coming to and end by the middle of October with no solution and now no communication to the issue. :confused:

Should we expect an update today? Sure did appreciate the weekly updates.

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Agreed. It’s like we are going backwards.


Sorry for not providing an update over the last two weeks as we have been blocked. But not anymore!

We were waiting for Cypress to release a major version of their SDK that had a much anticipated revision of Apple’s ADK for HomeKit. This will now allow our team to continue the firmware migration. I will provide a status next week as to their progress. Thank you for your patience everyone. As we have stated in the past a lot of this work is (i.e. vendor software) out of our hands and we have limited control due to that.

If you are curious, here is the new vendor firmware.




No problem, thank you! Do you still anticipate possible beta testing October/November (not that most of us will be running sprinklers then)?

I do hope so! No one wants to get this tested and out more than me :smiley:


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Thank you! Welcome back.

Thank you for the update! I would ask that you even update us when no progress is made. Letting us know you are blocked waiting for something helps us be patient, as opposed to wondering why we aren’t getting updates anymore.

Just my 2 cents.


I’m curious, did you abandon the plan to integrate directly with the ADK? This sounds like it.

That’s the way I read it.

Just curious, if I update the app on iPhone or iPad, will I lose firmware 615?

You are able to update the apps and that won’t change the firmware on your Rachio controller. The apps only update the firmware if you explicitly go through the update firmware flow

Anything new this week?

Hey everyone. Our engineering team has received the SDK/ADK and are actively working on it.

Hopefully I can provide more status next week as to how far they have got.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for your patience in this marathon.



Likewise, thanks for the update.

Hey HomeKit land, Friday Update!

  • Ported Rachio Code to Cypress 6.6 SDK
  • Compiled and Flashed
  • Software is non functional at the moment
  • ~100 Rachio Specific SDK patches ported from 6.2 to 6.6

Next Steps:

  • Get the firmware working on 6.6
  • Start regression tests



Two days ago my internet dsl line got cut.

Naturally I lost remote access to my home but everything worked locally except the Rachio and my hub which is an Appletv 4k

My take away from this is my Apple TV needs internet access even when I’m on my local network to be reachable and the Rachio is connecting directly to my hub instead of my home WiFi.

I did have to hold down the WiFi button on the Rachio to reconnect with HomeKit once I got internet back. I’ve also learned rebooting the Apple TV before re-adding the Rachio to my WiFi re-adds without error on the first time if I reboot my hub first.

I have a lot of HomeKit devices and all my other devices continue to be reachable on my local WiFi with the exception of my Apple TV hub and the Rachio.