Rachio 3 - Not Connecting to Cloud - third light blinking

Just moved into a new construction with the Rachio Gen 3 system installed. I have spent 2 hours this afternoon attempting to get it connected. It is getting stuck at the Connecting to the Cloud portion of the process. According to the lights, it has successfully connected to wifi, but can’t make the final connection (to Rachio’s cloud). On the lighting bar, the first 3 bars are solid, the fourth bar continuously flashes and the app eventually says “something went wrong” and asks what lights we are seeing. I choose the option that 3 lights are on, the 4th blinks, and it sends me through the final connection phase again (to no avail).

This is getting frustrating, has anybody figured out the issue?

@brado913 - I haven’t seen the Rachio 3 yet, so I can’t comment on possible issues. I’d use the feature in the Rachio app to send in a support ticket. Rachio has some good networking support folks that will get you on-line quickly. You might also run the RouteThis app for them so they’d have that information if they need it. Do you have a mesh WiFi system?


I’m having the engineering team review your account.


The team was able to connect your controller. I’ve DM’ed you some additional instructions.


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Thanks, Franz. Engineering team got it connected overnight.


I had the same exact problem. I had to reset the entire system/process and then it worked on the third try.

I’m having the exact problem. I’ve been trying to get it to connect for hours!!


I PMed you for more information, thanks!


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Thanks-I responded :blush:

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I have the same problem


I PMed you for more information.

Mine has been stuck on updating firmware for 15 minutes.

Can we get some sort of information on what the fix is? Seems to be a common problem around setting up the new controller.

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Ultimately the fix for me was somebody on the Rachio network team had to connect it from their network (or something along those lines). Went to bed with the issue, woke up with a few communications from the Rachio team after creating this thread and submitting an issue on the app and it was fixed.

Admittedly not a great answer, but an answer.


Are you having problems pairing the controller?



I’m having the exact same issue. Can you PM me? Thanks.

Yup :wink:

I haven’t set mine up yet. If this many people are having issues setting these up, some documentation around what the issue is and the fix would be appreciated. I’m going to assume I’ll have the same issue as everyone else.

I am having the same issue can you please send

I PMed you for more information.