Rachio 3 Mistake

Once again, Rachio 3 fail to have a power supply 100-240 v ac… Don’t you guys never learn ?
You ask my feed back few months ago for Australia products and even after my feed back you fail to design a global product…
US is not the world.


Agreed, Australia, Europe, Asia… would have thought this was a simple one to do.

…and to make matters worse - the new Rachio 3 uses the 900Mhz band for communication with the flow meter. Unless it is a very specific window in that band, it is illegal to use it in Australia. Vodaphone have licence that band and WILL find you if you have a device operating in their spectrum. You will get a cease and desist notice first and if you don’t turn it off, you WILL get a hefty fine.
So Australians - DO NOT BUY THE Rachio 3 under any circumstances!!!

If only they had used the 433Mhz range, the device would be legal worldwide!

Sad to have such a capable device not available to Australians because of a small mistake.

In Australia different services and can be used as following …
915-928 MHz is still can be used for devices.
After 31 December 2014, wireless audio transmitters (including wireless microphones) will no longer be authorised to operate in the frequency range 694-820 MHz (the digital dividend band)
introduce new arrangements supporting the use of digital wireless audio transmitters in the frequency range 520-694 MHz
introduce new arrangements supporting the use of wireless audio transmitters operating in the frequency range 1790-1800 MHz.
You can use devices that use these frequencies:

88 to 108 MHz
174 to 230 MHz
520 to 694 MHz
1790 to 1800 MHz
parts of the 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.