Rachio 3 FW

I would like to get off this HK beta firmware that I am on since HK is no longer being developed for Rachio 3, and put back on latest stable build. How do I request this?

Not specifically answering your question, but if you are still interested in HK and Siri integration, the Homebridge plugin for Rachio works great.

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Agree, also use the Homebridge plugin and it does work very well.

Hey @gizbug

Would you DM your email address and serial number and I’ll work to get this resolved for you?


@dane Has the website for product Beta news or the product research email campaign archive been discontinued? There hasn’t been any changes or updates since 2021. Is there any plans to continue a beta program? If not I too will submit to be removed from beta.

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What are the future planned updates to the Rachio 3? Are firmware updates done? Can we expect to see any more improvements with the application? I know a lot of people would like the schedule to be reworked as if you set flex daily to end before sunrise it starts watering at weird times (work around I found was to have watering end at 9am). @dane

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@dane I still haven’t been removed (or at least confirmed from my previous post in March) that beta firmware was removed.