Rachio 3 firmware and Iphone update

I think the problem corresponds to a recent Iphone update of approx 1 week ago; the system has gone totally buggy - I have two rachios with 5 zones each - they would appear offline, but then seem to correct themselves, and seemed to be running the zones per the last operative schedule, but not take an instruction to do a quick run, nor record that they had or had not run (ie when going to the “calendar” on the app the record of run or skip would simply be blank. I am not running a newer Iphone. I have tried to do a “factory reset” (ie wiped all my cloud info?) and your site suggests that the new rachio firmware will install automatically when I re-connect to wi-fi - this doesnt seem to be happening. Also, it refers to running “Connect.bat” but to be sure that the “orange second quadrant is blinking” - I have no idea how to trigger the orange quadrant! - help - Ive spent hours on this already and my garden is wilting!