Rachio 3 Fails to Install

(Third try at this). I have a new Rachio 3 that completes the install up to the 4th quadrant. All the light bars are white including the 4th that continues to blink. I was asked to install RouteThis Help and provide the code and model serial number. I have done this several times and ways and not heard back. Also, I called Rachio’s support phone numbers and was disconnected repeatedly. I have a new Rachio 3 working perfectly in the front yard. The new one in the back is next to a Nest camera so it should be getting adequate signal (2-3 bars). What can I say?

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Rachio support has not responded. However, I removed the Rachio 3 from the back yard and brought it inside the house and rebooted the system closer to the WiFi router. This worked. I then returned it outside and installed and it continues to perform. Pretty simple if I do say so myself. Rachio where were you on this?

Sounds like the controller might be on the fringe of connectivity and needed to get an initial connection to our cloud. It could still be disconnecting/re-connecting but that should not impact performance.

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I have the same problem. My controller is several feet from the router. I don’t think that is the solution.

“did you know that rachio has a self help support site with videos and more…”