Rachio 3 does not work for some zones


Not sure why, I have 7 zones in my sprinker and 5 of them work. The zone 6 and 7 does not work. These zones may be connected to a different valve system as there two sets of wires that come up. Any suggestions?

If zones 6 and 7 are in a different bundle of wires, you may need to find a second common wire to hook up.

I have a second white common wire, that is connected to the common in the Rachio controller.

@AniSha01 - if you have access to an ohm meter measure the resistance down the second bundle - i.e. red and white or blue and white to see if there is a circuit down that bundle. Could there be a cutoff valve for the second valve system that has shut water off to those two valves? Does water come out of zone 6 or 7 when the manual bleed screw on the respective solenoid valve is opened?

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I have not tried the manual bleed screw yet to see if value is opened or not. But, I checked using a ohm meter and I get about 23 to 25 ohms.

@AniSha01 - that level of resistance indicates that there is a circuit there an back through the solenoid coils. Iā€™d check to make sure water pressure is available for that second set of valves before doing other troubleshooting (i.e. open up the bleed screw on a solenoid).

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