Rachio (3) connected to wifi. Says its on. No water coming out

Constantly having trouble with this Rachio 3rd Gen.

Updated wifi multiple times. Says its connected. Did it from my iphone X and my computer.

Worked once so far this Spring, hasn’t worked since. In the app, its registering that its on and water is being used. Again, worked once a couple weeks ago, hasn’t worked since. Had this same problem last year. Tinkered around, finally got it to work. Constantly calling the company that installed the Rachio for tech support.


Are you saying that it says it is watering, but no water is coming out? I presume water is turned on from winter and maybe a wiring issue? What kind of issues did you have last year and what does the company that installed the Rachio been doing when you call?

Yes. It is saying water is being used but nothing is happening. This has happened before. I’ve had to update wifi a couple times and then it would work.
When I call the company, I schedule a time for them to come out but after tinkering with it, it ends up working.

But I have the updated firmware. I have the right network. Water pressure is great. Water is on. Should be no issues.

I would start off trying to rotate the solenoid on the valve to see if it manually turns on the zone. I would guess that it will work. My first guess after that would be wiring. How many zones and how many valve boxes? I presume none of the zones are working. If so, the common wire(s) might be suspect.

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