Rachio 3 and Smartthings


Any idea if/when Smartthings will support the Rachio 3?

Maybe it already does but I only see support for the Rachio 2.

It does! Just use the Gen 2 option and follow the prompts to login to your Rachio account. Then you can select the controller and zones.

I installed the Rachio 3 last week and have been running it now for 4 days. It all works really well and I thought the phone app was/is extremely well laid out and very intuitive. I did not have any issues with that process.

Having said this I’m not really sure if connecting to Smartthings brings anything to the table other than having 2nd method of changing the settings. My guess is the ST interface will not be as elegant as the current Rachio interface.

Bottom line, thanks for the help, but I’m going to pass for now unless someone can tell me a better reason for sucking it into ST’s.



Motion sensor in your front lawn to trigger the zone to turn on when he neighbors dog drops a pile in your yard…

Just an idea! :joy:


Well there is that option…

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That’s a totally worth it option (or cat peeing in my veggie garden)…how do I make this work ? (total smart whatever newbie)

You would need a home automation hub like Samsung Smartthings or Wink. You would need an outdopr motion sensor of some kind (Zigbee or Z-wave wireless protocols) set up in the HA hub, and add Rachio to thr hub, and create a rule that when sensor see’s motion, run garden zone.

That’s a very over sinplified version of it, but you get the idea…

@tmcgahey correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can do this with IFTTT too if you don’t have an HA hub - right?

As long as whatever motion sensor you use can connect with IFTTT, yes you can. Off the top of my head, i dont know if any do so.

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I put this in for dogs and then the mail delivery guys were getting wet to had so stop it :wink:

I need a motion sensor that can specifically detect dogs and cats somehow.

Any updates on Rachio 3 and SmartThings integration? I tried using the Rachio 2 to setup but cannot connect / connection failed.

Are you using the new or old app? Integration still seems somewhat doable in the old app.