Rachio 3 and Shipping Dates


Hey @randyb

Yep :slight_smile: 16s are shipping today and throughout the week.

-Lo :rachio:


Ordered 16 zone back in March. Still nada.


I just got an email for my 16 zone that it will ship before the 21st… Ordered on the 6th. Their shipping estimates suck.


Just now received an email stating my 16 zone will ship no later than May 11th. For the record, I filled out the priority shipment form and ordered back on 3/24. Don’t have a tracking number yet but says once it ships I should receive the device 2-4 days later.


Received my shipping notification just now. Ordered April 1st, 16zone.:smiley:


Not your fault, but that royally pisses me off. I ordered a 16 zone on March 27th. I happened to be online the minute the priority shipping email came through and filled it out within minutes of receiving it. And all I have is an email saying it will ship by May 11th, which I don’t really trust either. I’ll believe it when I see it. This has not been a pleasurable introduction to this company and their product. I really hope this product lives up to they hype. And if I ever need it, I hope the customer service also lives up to their reputation. Because those are the reasons I bought this product anyway.


@Moobs - while I hear Rachio support is great (I’ve never had to use them), the community on this forum is what makes the product. There are folks on here that are really into irrigation. If one wants to squeeze every ounce out of a Rachio, it does take time, energy and effort to understand what the parameters of the actual sprinkler system installed in the ground are (i.e. catch cup audit), along with the soil and plant needs. Many existing sprinkler systems (mine included) are sub-optimally installed.


My 16 zone shipped today and will be here Thursday. Ordered on 3/24, gen 3 and filled out priority shipping form.


my 16 Zone shipped today and will be here in utah on thursday. Ordered 4/8 and filled out priority shipping form due to 3k square feet of new sod.


Just got tracking number for mine. 16 zone. Says will be delivered Monday. I preordered mine 4/4


For the most recent update, please visit this post: Rachio 3 Shipping Update


Meh, appreciate the effort but Not feeling as forgiving as most posters. You are running your business on the 60 day loan from my credit card. upgrade seems to be the only way to get supported water flow metering.
Lot of good will earned was spent in this update.


@swfigment - actually the Gen 2 supports a wired flow meter. What is different with the Gen 3 is additional support for a wireless flow meter.


Received my rachio 16 zone yesterday and have it installed.

This is my first rachio unit and I was very impressed with the sleek design and more importantly its functionality.

The setup was a breeze on my android phone and the available features are really impressive. As a whole the unit is very responsive and I look forward to supporting rachio over the years.


I ordered mine on March 30th and people who ordered theirs in April are already getting theirs. I have already been charged and I have been promised by this company several ship dates and they always fail. The latest was an e-mail saying it will ship no later that may 11th in bold letters. Just another let down Rachio. What the heck is going on! I’m extremely frustrated and borderline infuriated!


Am I to understand that this unit has a lead time of over 30 days? Even after reading through 2 months worth of posts? So I shouldn’t expect my order to be shipped until July something? Even with 500 orders being shipped daily?

I’ll be honest and say this concerns and erodes my faith in the company in general. No communication for when to expect shipment. It wasn’t until after receiving confirmation email and wondering, “where’s my expected delivery date?” where I started looking at the boards. Additionally, I’ve never been charged prior to shipping, but the funds were immediately transferred upon confirmation. As in, what is Rachio’s incentive to deliver in a timely manner once they receive the sale?

No amount of customer service and support, regardless of how outstanding, will suffice in today’s world where everything ordered in the USA is shipped and received within a weeks time. Additionally, as sales and funds for competitors goes up, so does reputation. I find it very difficult to promote a company that charged me, didn’t provide a shipping date, and upon which I have nothing tangible to speak about.

Also, after all these delays, really bad form to send things ground. If truly related to issues on the floor, that shouldn’t’ be a penalty that the customer pays for. Just at a loss at the experience here. Apologies for the negativity, but the community page is riddled with shipping issues and it doesn’t seem like it’s close to being solved.


Hi @dicko423,

Eight zone Rachio 3’s are currently shipping immediately via ground so they can be expected approximately 3 days after ordering. Sixteen zone Rachio 3’s are shipping within a week and can be expected about a week and a half after ordering. You should be receiving tracking information shortly after ordering!

If you would like, you can DM me your order number, and I can give you more specific information on when you should receive your package. I am sorry if the lack of communication in conjunction with this post (which is relatively outdated) created confusion. I am excited for you to receive your Rachio 3, as I think the product experience may restore some of your faith!

McKynzee :rachio:

Rachio 3 Shipping Update

OK, so they said you guys responded fast, but need to say it, WOW. they weren’t kidding and the timeliness of the response blew away my best expectations. Thank you, sincerely appreciate it.

I’ve heard nothing but praise and can’t wait to receive the unit. My order number is:
Transaction ID:12345623823

Appreciate the great service and look forward to hearing back.


@dicko423 - welcome to the community! I think you’ll find several fellow end users that will jump in if you have irrigation setting questions.


What can I say- I’m quick :smirk:

No problem! I would be bothered by the lack of communication about your order status over the weekend. I plan Hoping to work with my team on that. I just checked on your order, and it looks like it is shipping out this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. That means you should have it in hand and ready for a fun weekend project!!