Rachio 3 - Always On LED


Hey @Bgman-

I understand how the lack of communication is frustrating. I will say that our team’s (newer) philosophy is to never promise anything until we are incredibly confident that we are making it happen, and that it’s happening soon. If you have perused some older communication you may have seen where we goofed in that department and ended up letting our customers down. We want you all to trust our word, so we take it very seriously when communicating what we are up to.

This feature requires coordination between our firmware, server, and client engineering teams to execute, which is part of why it takes longer. I know it seems pretty small, but in our world, this is actually a bigger initiative than you may expect! We are also a team that is always working on new initiatives and have to balance between “sticking to the plan” and making sure we have space to listen and react to all of your feedback. That being said, you can expect this feature before the watering season kicks off.

I hope this extra information helps, let me know if I can answer any other questions.

McKynzee :rachio:

Blue Light on Gen 3 Controller

@mckynzee - Thank you for the explanation. I can truly appreciate not wanting to disappoint customers. As the saying goes, you always want to under promise and over deliver. However, the fact @timber advised back in May that you would work on a solution and we haven’t heard a peep in 7 months (either good or bad) is not a good business practice. While I appreciate you responding to this thread, it shouldn’t have taken several requests over many weeks to receive it. BTW, I love your product and recommend it to family and friends. However, your company needs to do a better job of keeping your customers informed (whether or not you wish to wish to advise of the status of any improvements). I hope you accept this as constructive criticism. Thank you.


Just to keep this subject on the front burner, I
must agree, light is much tooooo much !
Needs to be dimmed or off when there is no demand.
I have to put on sunscreen before I go out into my garage where
The controller is located :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.





You are pretty fast on your feet.
Funny, I like it.

On the subject of the Rachio 3, it is raining here in Lincoln at the present time and I have not yet seen it in action.

However, judging by the way you have put the program together, I can expect good things come Summer.

Great job !


@Chuck GIFs are my specialty :slight_smile: Can’t wait to hear your thoughts come summer! As always, we’re here to help (or swap GIFs) whenever you need us!



Latest status light on controller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



@chuck :joy: #LEDgoals


@Chuck happy to let you and everyone else know that this is now a work in progress. I can’t guarantee a launch date, but we are working on it and the solution is looking good.

The work in progress solution for the Rachio 3 allows for the following configurations.

  • 100% brightness
  • 25% brightness
  • Off while idle

The default will be 100% and can be changed through the app.


Absolutely great news !
Look forward to seeing it.
Have a great day friend.


The screen shots are :fire:



My controller is in my garage and very handy to have that night light there. On the other hand, my dogs also sleep there and would stay up half of the night watching the light.

I ended up installing an outdoor enclosure to resolve this problem.

In the end, I still need to see the status of my controller when I walk by it, so I carefully marked and drilled 4 holes in it over the center of each of the status bars.

Now, the dogs sleep well, I can see the status without having to go into the app from any device and the lights are visually dimmer.

It went from looking like a Cylon to looking like something out of Close Encounters. :laughing::laughing::heart_eyes:


The Rachio app and Rachio 3 now support light bar dimming or off during idle. Enjoy!


Way to go. You guys rock!!!


@timber - That’s awesome news. Thank you so much for implementing this needed change. One question however. Could you clarify that lowering the brightness or turning off the LED does not impact the bar’s other functions? Meaning, will it still illuminate when the system is running or if there is a connection error? Thanks.


@Bgman while “Low” or “Normal” everything will operate the same at the current light settings.

“Off While Idle” does not show the idle light animation “breath”, but will show everything at the “Low” setting (zone run, errors, etc)


Makes sense. Thank you.


Just when I find a way in which to utilize the light, you change it.
What’s a person to do (smile) ?


@Chuck need the Gen 10 with the adjustable grow light setting. :slight_smile: