Rachio 3 - Always On LED


I would like to re-engage this group with a question. Given the opportunity what setting would you use?

50% dimmer
75% dimmer
Off until operating

Would it be too much to ask if we could have the option to choose from any of the 3? I suppose if I had to choose just one, it would be “Off until operating”. I really don’t mind the blue light at my house, but I am also installing these in several rental homes and I don’t want the blinding/distraction for the renters. Could be a bullseye for someone to steal or vandalize too. Just my opinion!


My thermostats offer a user configurable option to set backlighting of the LED display to off, dim, or bright.

Maybe this is a good example of what could be done here too.


Masking Tape

Duck Brand General Purpose 0.70 In x 55 Yd. Masking … $1.66

Problem Solved


Good idea - My painters tape is too thin and requires too many layers


I just installed my Rachio 3 and immediately Googled to find out how to turn off the light bar. This is installed on my back porch and it really is not pleasant to see that light.

I would be content to control the light settings through the app.


Be careful if using colored tape to dim the LED. I was using blue, but realized that I was not seeing multicolored LED signals while troubleshooting connection issues. Everything looked blue.
I am in favor of dimmable status LED controls.


We are AV installers, and I just set up our demo system that integrates with Control 4.

I found this thread while searching for an off for the Led lights on the demo system.

The lack of an option to turn that feature off until operating will limit our sales. And honestly tape is not really an option on a high end install.

Please pursue the option.

The simple non elegant solution is to add a switch leg on a power trace going to the leds. It would be a hard switch, but sometimes quick and dirty works.


I use it as a guiding light to find my way Tom the garage man door when I turn off my garage lights by mobile phone or IPad when I’m not in the most convenient place to do so. Ha!


+1 on providing some support for dimming/turning off the led light.


@timber - Any news on the promised “solution” for the LED bar?


A piece of black electrical tape across the light bar would work or just give it two weeks.


taping a controller would not be my idea of great design. First time right would.


Just want to put my vote in for the option of off until status change.

Thank you!


Come on @timber! It shouldn’t take more than 6 months to address this issue (even assuming it is not a priority for your team). At least let us know what is going on.


Four layers of white electrical tape over the LED bar works just fine to keep the thing from lighting up my garage. Some setting options for dimming or turning off the LEDs would be great. Under normal circumstances, one dim green light is plenty, or even a quick blink every ten seconds or something, just enough to show that the thing is alive and well.


Mine is located in the garage, but we have windows on the front side of the garage.
I can see the LED light through the windows from 3 blocks away, a bit much.
Need to be able to control it somewhat.