Rachio 3 - Always On LED


This is my new basement laundry room night light :clown_face:



Lucky I didn’t get my request for this idle behavior.


I like to see that the controller is turned on. But the whole bar in blue is just to much.
Maybe on of the zones, e.g. zone1 in green while in idle.
Something small, green and part of the bar would be helpful.
ALL blue is just to much!!!


I like the blue lights. It lets me know at a glance that the Rachio has power and is WiFi connected. The GFCI outlet I have it plugged into will occasionally trip.


How about programming the led lights to blink out the zone number in morse code to indicate which zone is running?

Maybe the leds could even go dim to indicate “deep sleep” while the controllor is waiting for the next cycle to start?



I would also like to throw in a vote for giving some options to dim the LEDs. I do like that there is an indication that the unit is powered and connected, but it lights up the 250 square foot room it is in well enough I can walk around without turning lights on at night… that’s a bit much.

A couple suggestions I would make:

  1. Simply lower the intensity - it’s clear you have quite a bit of control over the LEDs, so perhaps during time when the sun is down (and surely you already have that information) turn the brightness to 1/4 (or maybe 1/5) of it’s current levels.
  2. Reduce the number of LEDs lit, using only a single LED, perhaps the far left one, would reduce the brightness significantly
  3. Use a different pattern that also involves having less LEDs lit. A twinkle pattern involving at most a couple of LEDs lit at once (and most of the “on” ones being already partway faded out) would sort of be rainfall-ey and very much in line with the Rachio look.


Bumping this thread.

With the style of home we have the best option was to install it inside our inlaw unit, close to the TV, would be really nice to turn this light off so that it doesn’t interfere with guests movie time!


@timber - You replied about 3 months ago that you would

To date we haven’t seen a solution or heard how and when you intend to address the issue. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



See Lo’s response of two days ago here ->


Thanks @DLane. While I appreciate @laura.bauman response, I want to hear from @timber and get an explanation as to why we were promised a “solution” 3 months ago and now it’s not a “priority”. Either someone misrepresented what was going to happen or there has been a change in priorities without any communication to us customers. Either explanation is not acceptable.


@Bgman. We are listening to all of our customers, and have been hard at work on new features. Across the season we have delivered a number of features that users have been asking for like multi-zone quick run, day and schedule views, granular usage information, pump delay, iPad support, improved soil moisture graphs, supporting our new Flow product, along with major performance optimizations to the app.

We continuing our mission to develop features that will make all of our products more usable, help our users save water and ensure we are a part of creating wonderful landscapes.

I am sorry if my previous message insinuated that our team was promising a solution, I understand I was not clear. Our team has discussed possible solutions for the dimming of the LEDs. It is important to note that this particular issue requires planning and collaboration between product, firmware, server, client development, and QA teams.

The light bar is a critical component to the device that was heavily researched before release to ensure it properly informed users of the device’s status, as there are no other visual status indicators on the device.

Changing how it works is not something we take lightly. As such, I want to be clear that I can’t promise change for the light bar today, but I will also not leave you in the dark (even though I know you are looking for some darkness :slight_smile: ) and will let you know if anything changes on our front.

I would like to re-engage this group with a question. Given the opportunity what setting would you use?

  1. 50% dimmer
  2. 75% dimmer
  3. Off until operating

Dim or turn off lights on the box
Provide option to disable "Blue Cylon effect" on v3

@timber - Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. I appreciate the difficulties in prioritizing the resolution of issues and adding requested functions to the device. I think my issue is more that there is a lack of communication and transparency by your company (e.g. Homekit). Please communicate more and let us know what you intend to do and when in order to temper expectations. Thank you for also explaining that dimming the light bar is not as simple as I thought. The fact that you are listening, acknowledging our request and working on it is all one can expect. As far as your question, I would choose the “off until operating” setting.


Off until operating is the best solution in my opinion.


@timber - in the off until operating mode what happens when the unit is off-line/lost WiFi connection?

a) unit is dark and one will need to depend on the app to know that the unit is back on line? Then I’d vote for 50% dimmer

b) the error condition is treated as an operating status? Then off until operating is fine.

Also, could one have the lights come on by pressing one of the on unit buttons, like pause, to check the status?

Sorry to make it more complicated, but also showing some of the edge conditions that should be considered.


There may also be some like myself that are content with the current lighting configuration. The option to have users control the light intensity would be an enhancement that I support, but I personally would not put that ahead of any planned/future improvements to features that are related to the main function and purpose of the controller.


@tmtoronto I’ve been thinking this for a while; thanks for writing it down :-). I am actually really surprised that the lights are a big problem since I just always thought most folks have controllers mounted in the garage where aesthetics are meaningless (to me). I’ve a motion sensor that turns on the garage lights making the lights coming off the controller only for troubleshooting and not “light pollution.” But apparently controllers are installed all over the place!


@DLane You are certainly presenting all the complexities of implementing a feature like this and very close on the off until operating concept.

Basically the idle animation would be turned of until the following criteria were met.

  1. System running due to automatic or manual operation from the hardware or app
  2. A status other than idle
  3. Reboot


@Bgman I really appreciate the discussion and please know that we are listening and working to communicate as much as we can. We always want to do better and certainly take this to heart.

If there is any further development on the light bar I will let you all know. For right now the concept is

  • Option to disable idle animation
  • Light settings between - 25% to 100%


I am happy with it as is.


Off until operating is the best solution in my opinion. But if there can be 75% dim that it is ok too.