Rachio 2 not working after replacing hunter pro c help plz

Hi, just installed a new rachio2 where I previously had a hunter pro c. I put the two common wires into the c slots and p/Mv wire into the M slot in the Rachio and nothing is turning on. The hunter system worked fine right before this install. What did I screw up lol? Any help is greatly appreciated!

What type of sensor is that? Can you remove that for the sake of making sure the rest of it is working correctly? I suspect your wiring for the sensor is wrong, but I need to take some time to looks at it a bit closer…removing it from the Rachio would be an easy check…

Do you have the pump/master valve set up in Rachio app?

Thx so much for the help. I removed all the sensor wires just now except for the M wire and I still can’t get the sprinkler to turn on.

And you have the master/pump setting turned on in the Rachio app? What do you have, a master valve, or pump?

Yes, excellent question. I did enable the master pump/valve in my app. Lol, I have no idea which I have the pump or valve. I’m not the most tech savvy human. Is there an easy way to tell without me having to dig up my yard? Thanks so much, Louisa

What is the purpose of SC and SP terminals?

@robertokc - SC = Sensor Common, SP = Sensor Power.

@Loubadoo - if you don’t see a cylinder type device nearby then the setup is probably a master valve. If the master valve doesn’t open, none of the zones will water even if the zone’s solenoid opens up.

Do you have access to a volt/ohm meter?

Has a manual run using the buttons on the panel been attempts?

Are the zone valves in a valve box where they can be manually activated by turning a bleed screw or the solenoid?

Thanks, I didn’t see a cylinder nearby so I guess it’s a valve. I did try enabling either the valve or pump in the app before and it didn’t work. All the valves in my irrigation box were open and appeared to be working. Ohm meter also showed all wires and slots connected with resistance. Manually using the controller also did not work.

Update: I just went out there and unplugged the unit, yanked out all the wires, and deleted the controller from the app and deleted the app. Then I re-installed everything exactly as I had before and now everything works beautifully. Go figure lol. I forgot the number one rule in electronics repair is to turn it in/off and reset the handshake order. Face palm. I’m just so happy it’s fixed before we have to go out of town for two weeks and our grass would be dead upon coming back in this Texas heat. I wanted to update this here in case others came across a similar issue. This is a great community. Thank you so much for your help :)!


@Loubadoo - thanks for the update. Glad it is working. And welcome to the community.