Rachio 2: None of the zones will work after upgrading from a Rachio 1

My Rachio 1 was consistently going offline without a reason, I kept having to reset it every few times per week to make sure the sprinklers would run sometimes (regardless that the “offline” notifications were delayed a couple days).

Rachio sent me a Rachio 2 to replace my original with the issues. It is obviously very easy to swap over the zone wires to the Rachio 2. All the (4) lights on the Rachio 2 light up and they stayed solid.

I thought it would be simple but it has not been so far. It has now been ~3 weeks since my front yard was watered (unsurprised that the lawn is completely dead and other plants as well).

I emailed Rachio (A while back) for help regarding this, they originally responded and suggested I should change the Common wire to the other port. Check the other side of the Common wire to make sure it was not flooded and that not wires were showing. I tried those suggestions but they did not fix the issue. I have not heard back from Rachio since.

Any suggestions to resolve this? Perhaps the Rachio 2 is defective?


@overspun - does a zone water when a valve is manually activated, via bleed screw or a turn on the solenoid?

Do you have access to an ohm meter to test resistivity down a zone line and back through the common line?

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Yes, I can manually turn on the zone on the valve. The zones worked a few weeks back before I swapped out the Rachio 1 for the new one.

I have a multimeter but I do not exactly know how to test the common wire. Can you direct me?

Thank you.

@overspun - take the common wire and one zone wire (ideally the one used on the manual test) out of the Rachio Gen 2 terminal. Zero out the ohm meter by touching the two leads together and turning the adjustment dial to where the needle is at 0 ohms. Then touch a one lead to each wire, doesn’t matter which lead is connect to which wire (common or zone) and read the resistivity. The resistivity should be in the 30 - 50 ohms range. If the needle doesn’t move, or barely moves, then there is a wiring or connection issue.

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Hey @overspun! Not sure if this slipped through your notifications - @DLane is AWESOME at troubleshooting (as verified by Franz’s +1 to his response above.) Please let either of us know if this doesn’t help!


Hello @DLane and @laura.bauman

I have not felt well recently and I was able to work on it today.

I decided to replace the wires because I had a nest of wires after upgrading to the Rachio 2 and there was not as much space for wires like I had with the larger enclosure for the Rachio 1. I feel that my older wires that I used on the Rachio 1, they used to work but they had to be moved a lot while switching to the Rachio 2. I changed out the connectors with some better ones for the new wires.

I tested the common wire and it seemed to work by following @DLane’s suggestions.

I went and tested the other zones and they started to work. I’ll start watering and hope some of the plants will grow back. :slight_smile: