Rachio 2 no longer turning on any sprinklers


Hello all,
I installed a Rachio 2 about 1 week ago, everything tested fine, each of the 6 zones and I setup my schedule. We’ve had a lot or rain lately so I had not paid any attention to the schedule and the fact it had not been running. Just today I tried to run a schedule and nothing happens. The Rachio’s lights are correct, as they go through the different zones, but the sprinklers don’t turn on. Again, they all worked when I first tested them through the app. Any ideas. By the way, I have no rain sensors hooked up. I even rejoined the unit to my wifi.
As an additional note, i checked my solenoids and they are 24v. Here is a picture of my unit both before and after. I really need some help here.


here is the before picture…


OK so I think I’ve fixed it…I moved the common wire to the other common terminal and the unit now seems to work. I just successfully tested a zone. woo-hoo. So this begs the question… “Do I have a bad common connection?”


@VinnyL - from the picture it looked like there was lots of bare copper wire exposed on the common wire. It could have been that there wasn’t a good connection made between the wire and the terminal.