Rachio 2 iOS app keeps showing "updating device" when opening

With one of the latest updates every time the mobile app starts the app is showing “updating device” for few seconds while in the past the app was opening immediately. I actually found it a degradation of user experience. I would suggest to either disable the auto update or allow to configure the frequency of those updates or give the option to manually trigger the updates.

Link to displayed UI screen: https://tinyurl.com/rachio-update

Thanks for reporting in! Since the release of v3 a little over a year ago, the app does always load in upon first start to show you your controller.

The changes you’re seeing, is it that that first load takes longer or that you’re seeing the app start up and perform that load more often? I can check on the last release to see if there were any regressions that may cause one of those situations.


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Hi Zachio, thanks for your prompt reply.
What I am referring to is the initial load. I made a video here from my iPhone:

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Thanks for sharing that video! That general behavior looks expected, the first “updating devices” loading is simply just the app downloading the basic controller data to know if you still have the controller tied to your account.

Once you land on the dashboard, we load all the extra information, like your schedules, watering days and such. The time it takes to load can very slightly based on network, but usually with most connections the load is about the time you had in that video.

Was the app load a lot different than this before?

Hi Zachio,
yes the app was much much faster in intial load. I also tried with connecting via Wifi and 4G but no evident changes appears.

I am sure if you are able to check-out the code of a version few month old you should be able to compare the speed… was much better :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the info! We might get a chance soon(ish) to do some refactoring around the dashboard and such, and I’ll try and make some tweaks to squeeze out some speed or see if there’s any specific thing that’s slowing it down and get that fixed up. Can’t give a concrete time frame or anything, but performance is something we’re working on this summer. Thanks!


As an aside, this seems to be happening with apps other than Rachio as well. I use “My Fitness Plan” and it also starts up WAY slower than it used to, at least on IOS devices. But the web version of Rachio still seems to start fairly quickly.

Good to hear you are working on performance as well.