Rachio 2 burn MV10 component need help with values

My Rachio 2 is not working anymore, I have open it inside and there is a component MV10, not sure what MV is, I know C is for capacitor, and R is for a resistor, I need the help of a tech maybe you can tell me the name and values so I can replace it. Thank you.

MV component is an MOV, basically a surge protector. Another user had an issue with MV10, you may find his topic (link) relevant to your situation, his protector got fried due to a wrong input voltage.

Good news is that all of the MV## components on the rachio are rated the same. If you have an unused zone (such as MV8 for zone 8, MV7 for zone 7, etc…) you could try replacing the MV10 (main input MOV) with the one from a donor zone.

If you wish to buy new parts, just grab a ruler and see if you can measure the width and length (no need for height) of the burned out part. In the thread I’ve linked to earlier, I’ve made a recommendation for a 1210 part, meaning that the component is 3.2mm by 2.5mm. I want to make sure I’m giving you the right recommendation for an easy replacement.


Thank you Gene. I removed a MV8 for zone 8, and replaced with the one burn out MV10, after no success ( two led light up, but no setup access). I checked a few other components and the only other component that looked fine but had no continuity was FB1, I assume this is a little fuse so I bypassed temporarily and seem to do the job. It is working now. The component size for MV10 it is the same size 3.2mm by 2.5mm I will get some parts to repair the 8th zone. About the fuse, not sure how much voltage and amps I will need.
Thank you again for your help.

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Rachio uses a re-settable type fuse, meaning a single surge would not blow it, but temporary disconnect the circuit. The original power supply for Rachio is 1Amp, so you want to trip somewhere 2x that. If you take a close up photo, or read the markings on the fuse we may be able to find exact part number. Otherwise something like this should work: MF-SM100/33-2CT-ND (link).

I took a picture of it, it is FB1 on the board there is only one. Maybe it is a filter of some kind.
Thank you.

Nice shots! Sorry, when I read that you thought it was fuse, I have not thought about it more than that, you pictures have reminded me what FB is actually is… it is a ferrite bead, basically a small filter. The function of such a small component is to block very high frequencies.

A+ for a careful soldering job!

Personally I wouldn’t even worry about replacing it. Such low value components look better on the schematic than actually making any real difference. In the original topic I’ve linked to, I’ve recommended 1276-6387-1-ND, a 0603 filter for 100 MHz. Feel free to add it to an order, in case you are making one, but I wouldn’t bother ordering it separately and simply seeing if unit will continue to function as is without issues.