Rachio 2 16-zone to Rachio 3 8-zone - config export possible?

Someone else in this forum has already been told there’s no “automated migration” from R2 to R3 if the number of zones is NOT the same.

I have my R2 customized w/ pictures, soil information, vegetation information, etc. Is there a way to at least export in a “pretty format” each configuration option with its current value ? So I can use those as input to the R3 ?

Or should I have two tabs open - one with the “OLD” Rachio, and one with the “NEW” Rachio, and go from one tab to the other to copy configuration options? And take new, updated pictures for my yard, for the new controller ?
Just trying not to spend hours configuration a new controller, when I already did all of that work once before.

Unfortunately not at this time.

For users with 16 zone controller converting to an 8 zone controller that could be a viable solution. If you use the webapp at app.rach.io it might make the data transfering a lot easier from a computer.

Hope this helps and thanks for your patience.


When I reset my zones a while back I took screen shots of the zone settings, advanced zone settings and schedules — placing these into some organized fashion into a word or note document (I used MacOS Notes app specifically). Takes a bit of time but is human readable and quick to re-enter when the time comes.