Rachio 2.0 Software is coming!

Forza1976 your not complete until you have the Kevo. LOL

Cant wait for the new rerelease its just keeps getting better and better.
I thinking of the zones is a blender just right for margaritas. Lol
The Gurus at Rachio are burning the candle on this one.
Keep up the great work lads.

Haha. True, however we have three kwikset 911 zwave deadbolts monitored by an alarm system. I love gadgets :wink:

I’m a fan of zwave

Any news? We would like to beta test all these improvements.

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Beta testers on iOS currently, will try to get one more beta build out hopefully this weekend.

PM me your Apple login email address if you want to receive a beta build.




Will Android users be seeing this at the same time as our Apple community?



Updated on the iPad today and setup all smart schedules. So far so good. The only issue (again) is conflict between the two iro. We absolutely need to manage global schedules across all iros. Do you know what will happen when iro 2 fires while iro 1 is running?

I guess it depends on how your zones are setup. If they are on the same water supply the water pressure would be impacted.

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We definitively do not have enough pressure here to run two zones at once. This absolutely needs to be prevented by the software.

How to access the new settings on the web? Is there a separate link?

i assume once sir. help-a-lot gets back from his knighting ceremony, @emil has to flip a switch? i have not even tried the web ui yet.

Web UI will be released along with iOS and Android. We are not doing a beta for it, too hard to manage.


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@franz - i know you and @emil said that a return or enhancement to the previous temporary access for maintenance providers will be returned and possibly better then it was. What is the timing for that?

@SteinyD Targeting July


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is version 2.0 released yet? I have version 1.8.6

last I seen, version 2.0 was being released in May ?, now July ?, :slight_smile:

Not yet, but very soon! :blush:

What feature are you most excited about?

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flexies, they are the tits.

i like the fact that i dont need to pay as much attention to the weather and supplement the water when we have a hot week. i like the fact i can maintain the level of yard i have with even less work.

here is it, powered by rachio. if flexies work out as well as i think they will, ill mow a rachio trademark at 1/16 of an inch in the middle of my yard and send you a pick…here it is 2 weeks after my top dressing, it has a little ways to go, but damned close. now imagine a the rachio R in the middle, oh yea, it will be deliciously cheesy, cant wait.


@plainsane, I think we need to change the name of Flex Schedules :wink:

I’m looking forward to this offer. Is there any counter bet?

Now you just need a GPS lawn mower and we could send you our logo to upload to the mower :wink:

Or you could always just stripe your lawn with the Rachio logo…maybe these guys could help!