Rachio 2.0 Software is coming!

2.0 is coming! Every Friday until the new 2.0 app launches in May we’ll give you a sneak peek into something that’s new.

Many of the new features and enhancements came directly from your feedback, so 2.0 is truly inspired by you.

Check back here every week to see what’s coming and give us your feedback.



I just bought the Rachio controller. Is this a new version of the software or hardware?

@dewski, good afternoon! 2.0 will be a software update only. No need to worry, your Iro will always stay up to date with every software release :smile:

You’re a tease Franz… can’t wait to hear what’s new!

I am hoping that it includes a path for implementation of soil moisture sensors :smile:

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Bring it Franz! Let’s get the season started with some exciting new features!

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Is the 2.0 splash screen all we get this Friday, or is there more functional 2.0 leaks and screen grabs for this week? :wink:

@efrisbee Starting next Friday we will provide screenshots and new features :smile:

May??? It was all I could do to wait for “March”… :smile:

Bring it on!

It’s been four weeks since the initial post said you’d show something every Friday. At this point your four sneak peaks behind. Lets see something.

@FisherFamily I think you’ve just missed the posts :wink:. Search for ‘2.0 Preview’ in the search box upper right corner and you will find our previous posts.

Thanks and have a great day!


Hey @franz and @emil ,
Any ETA on the 2.0 software :wink:

@forza1976 As of now, still tracking for May, we will start testing next week :wink:

I’ll post how testing is going, and when we submit to Apple store for approval.

Sweet, looking forward to the updates and new features.

@forza1976 – what feature are you most excited for?

I can’t decide between Preferred Weather Stations and Flex Schedules

I would say the new remote, preferred weather stations and the dashboard. Also resolution update for the iPhone 6+, my Wink, Nest and Dropcam apps have all updated their resolution which is nice when you can see more on the screen for any app.

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i have high hopes for flex schedules. mostly excited about being able to tweak zone settings and have schedules update automagically.

Hi again, @plainsane!

Great point. Adding dynamic schedules will make the Iro very reactive to daily changes in the weather. I can’t wait to see and hear of the additional water savings it will create.

Is May 2015 still on track or has the release date been pushed back?

@Kevlar3D, good morning. We’re in the process of testing 2.0 now. We hope to release it soon :smile:

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