R3 watered but not showing up

R3 ran zone6 last night at 8.

BUT not showing up. One day i’m at 110% next day 10%.

I am sure I messed it up, but just need someone to help explain it.

Here is where it showed it ran last night.

It looks like you cleared out the moisture by using the override.

2019-06-17 15:08:59,817 [RequestId=73477e24-e36c-4171-8718-390ea7f7c565, Requester=xxxxx] DEBUG STI ##H=cv=3.8.70-5, M=PostMoistureLevelOverride, Req=zone_id: "xxxxx"date { year: 2019 month: 6 day: 17}moisture_percent: 0.0##