Quick start guide

Been looking at some of the user comments regarding basic operation

Seems the app can make a basic set up and operation more involved than I need

How can I (not the app) control how long each zone waters? Is there a way to increase ALL zones run times, say 20%

As far as I have seen, each zone needs to be reconfigured. That is far too time consuming

I wonder how many folks also find adjusting these type of changes a challenge? The app seems overly complicated

Is there a write up somewhere for Rachio dummies?


This might be a starting point.


I was looking for directions for super simple control of zone run times.

Can the app operate without ‘smart features’,
unleast til I am comfortable with the basics?

Yep, just create a fixed schedule and turn off Smart Cycle and Weather Intelligence when you do.

Can that set up happen without using the Wizard?

It asks too many questions which I can not answer.

Hey @bukzin-

Are you looking for a one time run? If so, the manual run may be the feature you are looking for.

McKynzee :rachio:

Thanks for your share, I will try to visit the site that you share to refer.
google maps driving directions

Still trying to learn how to run basic functions, like manual control.

The link above is broken, at least with my iPad.