Quick Run stopping before total time it is supposed to run

Using a GEN2 and trying to test my system as I locate pipe issues and make repairs.

I have several zones that I would use Quick Run to run for 3 minutes. But I find that these zones only run for about a minute and then shut off.

Is my system over-riding the Quick Run schedule on purpose?

How can I force the system to run the full amount of time I am telling it to run?

Does your system work fine otherwise? There shouldn’t be anything overriding the quick run. Does it show in the app that it is cutting it short? Thinking there is a chance that it could be a valve issue…?

After talking to Tech Support I have a theory that an integration with Control4 is causing the zone to turn off. Tech Support noted in the History tab of my system that an “integration device” is sending an off command after the zone starts. This could be any integration device such as Alexa, Google, etc but I suspect it is a configuration issue with C4. Will check into it ASAP and report back. THANKS

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