Quick run and moisture percentage

Hi, I have a question about manual quick runs and moisture percentage on flex daily schedules.

If I run a zone on manual for a certain amount of time, will it increase the moisture level for that zone? Note this watering would be performed manually, and not by the automation by the flex daily schedule.

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Yes…if you run it from Rachio. If you are running it by manually turning the bleed screw/solenoid at the valve, then no.


when it reaches 100%, will the rachio 3 not let that zone run?

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Not quite following @proedgebiker…are you asking if a manual run fill moisture level 100% will cause a schedule not to run? If so, then the answer is probably, unless your zone has a massive ET, super sandy soils, or some other variable that drops the moisture level quickly.

I just did a quick through the Rachio and observed no change in the zone’s moisture level. Is there a delay between the watering and an updated moisture level?

How long of a run? It’s usually pretty quick to update.

5 minutes.