Quick Action Button

I have an idea that you may want to consider. How about a “Quick Action” button on the main screen of the Rachio app?

My example is that I have kids that want to run through my sprinklers. To turn them on, I always go through the same steps: Launch Rachio App, wait 8-10 seconds for app to finish launching, hit Manual start button, select my backyard zone, select 10 minutes, select start. I do it all the time. It would be nice to have a single button in the app that does that for me.

Config settings would be simple:

  1. Enable/Disable “Quick Action” (If enabled, show button on main screen)
  2. What do you want your “Quick Action” button to do:
    Start and run for

Then, when the user taps the button on the main screen, their preselected zone runs for the preselected number of minutes.

On a side note, if there was a way for the app home screen to appear and show this button before the login process, that would make it feel snappier. I get that the app needs a few seconds to connect to your Rachio server and then down to my Iro box, but that could all be happening in the background while I’m pushing the quick action button.

Thanks for reading!

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We had that exact concept on the remote, preselected watering playlists, got cut because of time. We would have one or two predefined, and then allow you to create your own :wink:

Hope to get that into a future release. Appreciate the feedback!


Cool. I look forward to it. :beers:

I actually do that using IFTTT and the IFTTT “Do Button” app. After setting that up, I can launch the Do Button app, tap the button, and my preselected zone starts running.

The Do Button app starts pretty quickly. Also, on iOS at least, there is a Today widget for Do Button that I can acces via the pulldown menu from anywhere.

In my case, my Do Button runs a zone for 1 minute to scare away the neighbor’s cat :slight_smile:


I’ve done exact same with the Do button. 2 buttons to start 2 diff zones for 1 min and then an ‘off’ button. With the Today Notification widget it’s perfect.