Questions re flex daily schedule, overlapping zones, differing root depths

Hi all,

Like a few others I’ve seen here, I have a few newbie questions (and didn’t see these answered already, so hopefully I didn’t miss it). Any thoughts appreciated.

  1. If you have a flex daily schedule set already, and then change plant parameters (or do some quick runs as you’re testing things), should you delete and restart the schedule, or will it automatically adjust to take account of the things you changed? Examples: we had one zone set as “shrubs” accidentally but corrected it to “trees,” and in another zone, I updated the soil type and water retention settings after following some of the instructions others helpfully posted here. Do I need to delete the Flex Daily calendar entry and recreate it?

  2. Is there any way to account for an area covered by multiple zones? We have sprinklers in a wild grass area that also has shrubs with drip emitters, so the shrubs are getting water from the sprinklers, but not enough that we can just turn off the emitters. Would be great if there were a way for the emitter zone to recognize that it is also getting moisture when the sprinklers run.

  3. How do you handle root depth if you have more than one type of shrub depth in a single zone? In newly planted areas, we have some 1 gallon plants that are probably ~6" inches deep, and some 5 gallon plants that are more like 12-15". Would you set that zone to an average, the deepest, or the shallowest?


  1. No need to do anything, Flex will automatically adjust.

  2. That makes it tough. Since they are going to water in completely different intervals, there is no way that you can really account for that…

  3. Newly planted stuff mixed in can make things a bit more difficult. You for sure need to account for the shallowest, but it may impact the other shrubs a tad since they are probably used to the longer, infrequent waterings. You will most likely just have to keep an eye on things. Other option is to leave at 12" depth and supplement the new plants with hand watering. Defeats the purpose of the smart controller, but it will be short lived…