Questions before buying, schedules, power outages

I’m considering buying the Gen.2, 16 zone and I have two questions. I would like to have a fixed schedule(s) that changes 4 time per year on specific calendar days. Some zones need to increase in day frequency or watering time, and others decrease at these times. Can the schedules I set be that specific and not just do an across the board percentage change?
Also, my neighborhood is prone to power spikes or outages. My current controller goes into a standby mode and can only be turned back on manually. (I’ve added a surge protector) Would the Rachio do the same, would it notify me if it were turned off, and could I turn it back on remotely?

The scheduling you are describing is definitely possible to set up using our fixed interval scheduling! You can even set all of them up at once and designate start and end dates so you don’t have to worry about them for the whole year :smile: The only issue you may run into is zones with different frequencies will have to be set up on different schedules.
Your controller will not run when your power is out, as it has no way to power the solenoids in your system. However, once your power is back on, your controller will immediately reconnect to wifi and continue running your set schedules as planned.
Let me know if that answered your questions and if you have any others! Hope to be able to add you to the Rachio team :cheers:

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Another option, and the great thing about rachio, is flexible schedules. I’m assuming you’re adjusting to account for different weather. With the flex schedule it will do it for you. It takes some work to get setup, but once you do it requires minimal intervention