Question on timing of soil moisture increases in regard to forecast

This should be a simple question for someone to answer, and I’m sure its been asked before.

We are expecting to see around 0.5" of rain later today. When I look at my zones, it appears that that expected amount of water has already been applied to the zones. This was a bit odd to me. If I look at the detailed output, its basically saying that the weather station itself has already reported 0.5" of rain, even though the station is currently at 0". So is it just using the forecast for today even though it is saying the data is being pulled from the station? When will it pull the actual data from the station instead of relying on the forecast?

Today’s data will use the forecast.

Thanks Linn. That’s what I figured. It’s just confusing in the detailed output table because it shows the station id for today, where as it says forecast for tomorrow. And having the zone soil moisture numbers be increased prior to actual seems… wrong. I understand they might become that full, but they haven’t yet.

When do things switch to actual observed instead of forecasted? Midnight?

I think it’s an hour before and 12 hours before your schedule is supposed to run.