Question on forecasts

Is there any way to get a weather station added? This is the one closest to my house in Colorado Springs, and the one Weather Underground uses:

It is currently storming and pouring with rain, with Weather Underground saying 1.3" but the closest weather station in Rachio says 0% chance of precipitation, which I don’t really understand as it’s only a mile away!

My schedule is set to run tonight and I’m hoping I don’t have to do a manual skip.

We currently don’t have an easy way to integrate those stations. Here is one way that customers have used.

We do have a large network of PWS stations available.

Also note that for forecasts, whether you use WU, Aeris (our weather provider), or other services they won’t actually be using a particular station but taking latitude and longitude in conjunction with radar/satellite data to predict. We use specific stations for observed data, but not for forecasts.

This explains how we predict if a schedule should be skipped or not.

Incorporating other weather services is definitely on our road map.

Hope this helps.