Question about install but more importantly the master valve connection

I’m attaching my wiring configuration and was wondering how this would be configured with the Rachio.

My fuse blew out and my old Hunter SRC so it gave me an excuse to buy the Rachio. I noticed that I have 2 hanging wires and their is nothing attached to the Master Valve, I don’t believe these were connected before?

Here is a photo my controller board compared with the wiring schematic for the Rachio.

Hi @doeweb, thanks for reaching out.

Your conversion to an Iro is pretty simple :smile:

Looking at your wiring on the old Hunter, assuming you didn’t disconnect any wires before taking the photo, you only have a common wire and five (5) zone wires to worry about. I’ve attached a photo of your wiring with notes for reference.

I cannot tell from the photo provided what these wires go to. Perhaps you could send me a few more photos that follow the unconnected wires to their source?

Please reference this wiring diagram to match the wiring up on the Iro. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps.

Best, Emil