Q: How to make zones run twice per day?

On my old timer I watered some zones multiple times per day. I set up my Rachio 3 with each zone only on a single schedule, thinking it would break up the watering schedule using its magic based on the type of plants and temperature. Since I live in AZ I water some of my flowers 3-4 times daily do keep them happy in the summer.

Do I need to create multiple schedules to run these zones more than once per day?


I have the same question and have not quite been able to program two waterings per day. I also live in the desert. I set up my schedule for one watering all zones and have had to manually Remember to go to my phone and run my sprinklers for the 2nd watering !!! Help !!!

You’ll need to set up multiple Fixed Schedules:

Here’s a support article on schedule type limitations:

Flex daily is not recommended if your zone needs regular multiple waterings in a day. I’ve got my vegetable garden on two fixed schedules. One waters at 4am, another at 4pm.

Be thoughtful about the weather intelligence features you enable. I only enabled Saturation skip since my garden is on drip. Seasonal shift isn’t predictable enough for me.