PWSweather broken?

I checked a few sites and they all have no data since wednesday. Anyone else notice this?

@Gene since he is the PWS wizard :slight_smile:

I have not noticed any large scale outages, but than again I was not specifically looking for them. Right now there are less than 7% of wufyi users whose Weather Underground station is offline, but as far as pushing data to pws, everything seems to be running as expected.

Can you provide station IDs for stations you’ve seen effected?



when i look at my data it’s been fed from you to pws weather without problem daily…but PWS weather isn’t processing it…

Can you provide screenshot of what you are seeing? Outside of a little blip on Wednesday, I didn’t notice an outage:


@gene - this is what was confusing me, looking at the week chart -

there is no data for the last 3 days but it looks like the week chart is broken as when I look at it every week it’s incomplete

Ah, seems like pwsweather is having issues with weekly graphs, it is not a huge issue since Rachio (or any other service) doesn’t use those in any way. I (and everyone else) seems to be effected as well by this display glitch, but as far as I can tell Rachio is not.

Look at how the data is overflowing to the right…

Looks like monthly view is also effected (tops out on the 21st at the time this is written).

In any case, I guess we can contact them in case the issue persists.