PWS not showing up for Gen 3


I had a Gen 1 before and installed my own weather station at my house and it was linked fine. After moving to a Gen 3 I can’t locate my PWS station, so is there something I need to do to have it be displayed in the list on the Gen 3 for my to reference or shall I just use the Weather Plus setting?

Personal weather station with weather intelligence plus


Is your station on WU? If yes what is the station ID?



My station is a Netatmo System with PWS and I just set up an account for WU, but I need to see how to link it to WU before I can assign to Racio.


If on WU will be very easy to integrate! It will automatically show up on your list.



The challenge I have is that WU does not have my weather station feeding it on my new account I set up yet, so it may have my station listed, but there is no data and it will not work effectively. Now, in contacting Netatamo as they are partnered with WU my Weather Map from PWS data is already feeding WU overall. Now, in using the Weather Intelligence Plus option as my local data is on WU I assume the aggregation would be ok as my data should already be taken into account. This intern should mean I do not need to select my own WU station away from using Weather Intelligence Plus I think…Thoughts?


What is your station ID?



My PWS station Id is 1724WFT and WU is KCOCASTL224 (No data on this one)


If you let me know when your station is reporting data we can verify that it is showing up in the list of stations that are geocoded around your neighborhood.



Franz, I have the data uploading now, so my PWS is available on WU but it still does not show up on my choices.


OK great, I was told it could take up to two days once reporting data. If still not visible after the weekend I’ll follow up with WU.



Just closing out the conversation, and my PWS is showing up now in WU and all happily integrated with my system, thks.