PWS Not Appearing

Please make sure you have an option to show PWS enabled

I do have the PWS option selected.

In this case, I’ll refer to @rachiosupport who have access to your Rachio account and can actually troubleshoot any issues.

Sorry couldn’t help further, maybe it just needs a bit of time for the station to show up, you may want to check again tomorrow.


Thanks Gene. And I really appreciate your work in getting WU information over to pwsweather. Thank you!!!

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@gregorydmelton - I think it is what @Gene said [quote=“Gene, post:7, topic:9445”]
maybe it just needs a bit of time for the station to show up, you may want to check again tomorrow.

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Mine didn’t show up for a couple of days, and I did not do the WU setup, just PWS. Good luck!

My PWS did show up after a few days.


Is there anyway you can get Station ID: KCOWINDS79 to show up? I added it to wunderground on Aug. 9th.

@franz, maybe it is about time to allow WI+ users to type in their station ID, or change the backend WU endpoint for where you get the station list from? Waiting for new stations to show up after a week is an option, of course, but it creates a whole lot of confusion as to what the user needs to do in order to start using their station. It does not help that older Gen devices are still on sale, so advice for someone to wait needs to come with disclaimer that it is only applicable to Gen 3 devices and/or Controllers they bought at Costco.

Anyway, @mchrist152, what version of Rachio controller do you use? Is it Gen 3, have you bought yours from Costco or something else? If you can answer Yes to the first two options, you would need to wait about a week for your new station to show up within Rachio interface.

This would be nice, but unfortunately we don’t have control over anything from WU.

Unfortunately same as above :frowning:

Agreed, continuing to research alternative solutions.

I really wish there was a faster, cleaner approach but we don’t have many options at the moment. Thanks for all you do @Gene!


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It’s a gen 2 purchased from Amazon. So does that mean my PWS will never show up? Some existing PWS’s do show up so why would new ones not? Sounds like something contrived to get people to buy Gen 3. And why should it matter where the Gen 2 was purchased? This is obviously a limitation created by marketing and really sucks.

@mchrist152 Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx52117, I’ve started data transfer from your WU station to pwsweather station, which is visible to your controller. The station should show up as being available in an hour or two. :+1:

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You are truly awesome Gene and a real asset to Rachio, Thanks!

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Gene, I am having the same issue. My PWS-KNCADVAN12 is not showing as an option in the Rachio Weather Intelligence. I have had it set up for 2 or 3 years now.

If you do a full share of your controller with "" I would be able to help you further.
Are you using a Gen 1 or 2 controller?

It is done. Thanks


I sent you my Acurite MAC address to

Thanks, Jeff


I have similar problem - but I’m user from Europe.
For several years my gen2 worked well with this PWS:
but it stopped to work from some reason.
I can’t find my PWS on Rachio map.

Is there any posibility to fix it?


my pws is also not showing

How long have you had your station running?