PWS data feed source/issue?

Hi team - has the PWS data feed source changed or is there an issue? I knew a strong cold front was due across the area tonight and various forecasts are in the 0.25-0.35" precipitation range. Since I applied fertilizer, I wanted to additionally water in for a deep soak, so I checked my Rachio moisture balance to see how much to additionally water today before the front cooled things off considerably. Unfortunately, the balance is predicting only 0.04". As I recall, data feed was coming from (Aeris), so I checked and they show 0.32" over today and tomorrow. The station is my own, KVARICHM91. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi vnephologist,

Thank you for reaching out! I looked into your weather station on both PWS and Wunderground to compare the data that is being sent and received. From what I can tell, the station has not reported any precipitation since 11/22. Do you know if there is anything that could be blocking the precipitation on your station? Possibly a branch or some debris? I’m also attaching reports from PWS and WunderGround to show you what I’m seeing. For the PWS post, it shows the last reported precipitation was on 11/22, as well as on WunderGround.

I hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist!

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Hi Krista, thanks for the quick reply. The issue isn’t with recorded rainfall (it hasn’t rained here since the 22nd). It is with the forecasted precipitation. Aeris is showing forecast of 0.32", but the Rachio UI is only showing .04" forecasted. Thanks!

Hi @vnephologist, sorry for the confusion on my part! Are you looking at the Moisture Graphs? Would you be able to send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing? That would be a huge help! Thanks!

@Krista - here are screenshots of the two days from the moisture graphs…

Hi @vnephologist,
Thank you for sending those over! It’s a huge help. In reviewing your screenshots, it looks like our information isn’t quite matching.

Would you be able to clear your cache, log out, and log back in? One red flag is that your screenshots aren’t showing your most recent manual run. This is a separate problem from the main issue you’ve asked about though. Would you mind changing your weather station to see if that provides accurate forecast data?

Yeah, my screenshot was from before my manual run. See below that I do match. I swapped weather stations with the same results. However, I also notice that the public Aeris forecast now only shows 0.07". Not quite as low, but at least more inline, so maybe not an issue. Would you mind elaborating on when and how the forecast data is collected?

Also, when switching the station, I notice that I now have the option of selecting my CWOP data feed (I report there also; MID_E8095). Which would be the preferred feed to use, PWS or MID?


Hey, that definitely looks a lot better! Thank you :slight_smile: For Flex Schedules, we check every night at midnight before a run. Since you are getting a predicted large amount of rainfall all of a sudden, the scheduler just hasn’t updated the forecast yet, and will do so at midnight. Perhaps the forecast is still running off of data before this supposed “cold front”

So tomorrow, the system will take todays moisture level, add predicted precipitation for tomorrow only, and if the today + tomorrow precip forecast keeps your above your bottom Allowed Depletion line, then the system will be pushed out. Which is what I would expect to happen when the forecast gets updated

In regards to PWS or MID, they both provide the same accurate information. For troubleshooting purposes, I prefer PWS because I find it easier to read, but that’s just a personal preference.

Thank you!

Very nice, uncomplicated explanation of how some of the ‘back of the curtains’ operates for Flex Daily.

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