PWS and Schedules

I have an Ambient Weather Station being used as a Personal Weather Station (PWS) with my Rachio Gen 2 unit. The sprinklers have run two days in a row even though it is set to run every three days. The message from Rachio is:

Regular schedule (that the schedule name) was not skipped because your weather station observed 0.00 in of predicted rain and 0.0 in observed precipitation. 4 mph winds. 50 degrees F.

Of course, a weather station does not predict rain, so Rachio has gotten this from other sources in the past.

What I want the system to do is run the schedule once every three days unless there is a Weather Intelligence reason for skipping. This has worked in the past for rain, wind and cold, so I am not sure what is going on.

Did the schedule actually run on the wrong days in History?

If so, are you using a Flex schedule or a Fixed schedule? At three days a week, it is best to use a Fixed schedule. It’ll adhere to your watering schedule. Fixed schedules will also utilize your set rain threshold. Flex schedules will try to adhere to your watering days but if you have a lot of zones, watering might end up scheduled the evening before you expect.

Yes, it ran yesterday morning and today.

Fixed with 3 day interval.

Are your runtimes really long and you’re using “end by” time? That may cause watering the day before.

Run time is 2.5 to 3 hours and the end time is before sunrise, so that should not be the problem.