Purchase 12 or 16 zone

I want to purchase a Rachio 3 to replace my current old controller that is not working anymore. I currently have 17 zones used in my current controller. Is it possible to use combine zones to reduce to 12 - how do I do that ? (so that i can purchase the costco 12 zone one)

It is possible to double up wires, but the problem typically comes down to water pressure. Do you know if your system can handle enough water presssure running two zones at once?


I am not sure. I can purchase the 16 zone one but I learn that the costco one has more features ?

This year’s Costco model should not have more features. If you buy the R3 16 zone you should be covered. If not let me know :wink:


what is the difference between rachio 3e and rachio 3 ?

Try manually running 2 zones at a time and see if you can get away with it water pressure wise. If you have multiple valve box locations, try one zone from each to see if it works out for you. Look for zones that have the least amount of sprinklers.

I was in the same scenario with 17 zones and really wanted a Rachio so I found 2 zones that could run together. My water pressue is reduced quite a bit, but in my case the 2 zones are for an area that waters trees only and not grass, so I just compensate by running them longer.

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