Pump Start Relay - control when zone is paused


My system uses a 2 hp pump fed from an aquifer. A pump start relay connected to the master valve terminal activates the pump. When a running zone is paused, the appropriate valve closes - however, the pump continues to run. The pump also does not stop running during a cycle soak delay. I feel that my system can be damaged if the pump is running against a closed valve. Please allow the pump start relay to be controlled when a zone is paused - if no valves are open I would like the motor to be off.



Our product team is aware of this limitation and will be working on a firmware modification to address this issue.



Thanks. I look forward to the update.



This should be fixed for gen 2 controllers with firmware version iro2-firmware-5-104.

It has been sent to controllers with well pump delay enabled. To verify your controller has this firmware navigate to More --> Controller Settings --> Technical info .



I assume you meant to type “pump relay enabled” (not pump delay enabled)? I did not have pump start relay enabled - tech support told me it didn’t matter with my setup. I just now enabled “well or pump start relay” in the M terminal settings. My firmware shows 5-82. Will it be upgraded to 5-104 automatically? Do I need to do anything to facilitate the firmware upgrade?


Sorry for the confusion. I think most of our customers use that toggle so when creating schedules can have a set “delay” between zone runs. It is not necessary if you do not want that feature. I’ve flagged your controller so it should get the correct firmware in the next hour or so.



Firmware is updated and pause functionality is working. Thank you!