Public-api: two questions

  1. what API call from should be used to determine which zone(s) if any are currently watering and for how long? this could be either due to a scheduled watering or a manual command via the app.

  2. what API all can be used to tell a particular zone to stop watering? i see a device stop_water, but not a zone stop_water. i tried using zone start of zero, which does stop the current watering, but then starts a zero length watering (that promptly stops). that seems rather inelegant.

thank you!

This will provide the requested information.

The current API to stop any watering is:

We are rebuilding our open API (we will support Grpc :wink:) and will have much more advanced concepts (skipping zone, next zone, pause, etc.) next year. No time frame yet as to when it will be available.

Hope this helps.


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