Provide option to disable "Blue Cylon effect" on v3

As the Topic Title says. Installed my v3 @ garage. Now every time I go to the garage, and before I turn the garage lights on, the blue light going back and forth creeps me out. I don’t need that effect to know it is “working” or “online”.

Can we have a GUI option to disable it ?


Why don’t you just put tape over it?

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20 cents worth of duct tape is one solution.
I ended up using a Rachio outdoor controller box to hide mine.
It costs a bit more but is effective and still allows me to do a visual
diagnostics when I open the door.


I would use blue masking tape, from a good vendor like 3M :wink:

I actually like it at first it seems kind of weird to be honest generation 2 looked kind of cool. I kind of considered a night light so I actually like it. But I’m also wondering if he uses a lot of electricity from that big LED.

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So you’re a Rachio Pro? Hilarious. One would think that as someone installing the solution you would be more attuned to customer’s requests.
Even double hilarious when we consider you don’t have any kind of product development influence, so from your point of view, making this a configurable option has zero impact on your work.
Like the saying goes . . . if you don’t have anything smart to say, say nothing at all . . .

It is not in my best interest insinuate that a $0.20 piece of tape solve problem without possibly creating another problem by the type of adhesive on it. If you read the second suggestion, it makes more sense to properly and cosmetically covering up the light with a rachio outdoor enclosure which has a closing lid on it and blocks the light effectively.


Hey @Cazzorno and @spscoutenPhD-

Like @spscoutenPhD mentioned, he was just offering some solutions that may work for people right now. I’d also argue that his perspective may be different because his clients may not have concerns about the light bar for one reason or another. Our Certified Rachio Pros are often asked for their input on product development, and we respect their expert advice considering they have so much in the field experience with our product.

I understand that a group of our users are not fans of the brightness of the light bar. I would like to reference the response from our Director of Product on a different thread…

TLDR; We are listening to your feedback and continuing the discussion around how to keep the light bar useful (as it is a critically functional component of the device) while also listening to our customer’s requests. I appreciate the healthy debate, but I’d ask that we keep our conversations on this forum constructive and civil.

McKynzee :rachio: