Proper connection of common wires for 16 zone Gen2 Unit

I have Gen2 unit that supports 16 zones. I have 2 common wires in my old unit (Hunter Pro-C) that I am replacing with Rachio. I have total of 12 active zones. So given that I have 2 common wires now, what is the proper way to connect common wires to Rachio? Do I need 1, 2, 4 common wires? And where should they be plugged in. I read archive, but the reference to a wiring diagram seems to not exist anymore.

Thank you

@arturchik - here is a Gen 2 how to install article ->

There are four (4) Common terminals on the 16 zone Rachio. They are all connected together on the printed circuit board. Put a single common wire into any two C terminal on the Rachio and away you go.

Do run the existing unit before hand to make sure all the zones work. Also, take a picture of the wiring before and do label the wires before removing.

Have fun and welcome to the community.

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