Programming issue, why is my schedule cycling through zones twice

I have my rachio gen 2 programmed to water every two days …which it does, right on schedule. However I’ve noticed that every time it cycles through it does all 8 zones twice.

It will start as scheduled at 4am. Then, just after the last zone finishes at 6:15, the whole cycle starts again. I cannot see anything under “schedule” that indicates I’ve told it to do this. But looking back it seems to be doing this every time itsscheduled to run. So I must have it programmed to do that somewhere???

I’m sure support will contact you quickly but if not I would do a reset of the box and then reschedule how you want it. Not sure but I bet that would fix it. Just a suggestion.

@Btreece - is the Rachio doing a cycle and soak? When doing this Rachio will water then move to the next zone to let that zone soak in before coming back and finishing. Slope, soil type, etc. play into how long the cycle is and the soak is.

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@DLane That is my guess.


My guess is the schedule is using our smart cycle feature to avoid runoff.


What these two guys said. Under schedule, there is an option for cycle soak. If it bothers you, you can turn it off, but Rachio does a good job calculating nozzle PR, soil, and slope to figure out if it is necessary (or at least recommended) to break the run time in two to limit runoff.