Programming help

Hello I’m new here as well as the owner of a gen2 controller. My unit was installed by a contractor and he programmed the controller. I have 4 zones 2 grass and 2 drip. The problem I have zone 1 is grass and zone 2 is grass however I want to water one one day and the other day 2 the way the schedule is setup is I can’t program each zone they both run one after the other I can’t figure out how to separate the. I’m sure I confused y’all any help would be appreciated

This should help with creating and deleting watering schedules.


thank you for the reply i have a schedule, however what my problem is i have 2 drip systems zone 1 zone 2 and 2 lawn systems 3 and 4
under schedules it only listed as grass every 3 days and drip every 4 days i would like to have under schedules one of each list ez zone 1 zone 2 zone 3 and zone 4 thank you any help would be appreciated