Program watering when none scheduled

I live in Texas and we have had rain every day for the last week plus. Good soaking rains. I have a Flex Daily program set up and I am connected to a Weather Station less than 1 mile away.

I review Rachio daily to see if anything is scheduled to run so I can skip if necessary. We have watering restrictions. I checked yesterday and nothing was scheduled to run as it should be as the ground is soaked. This morning I noticed that my Flex Daily schedule had in fact run even though nothing was scheduled when I reviewed yesterday. This is the second time this has happened in the last couple of months. Never happened before then and I have had Rachio for a while.

Is this a common occurence for Rachio controllers??

@NJ0130 Do you know when the rain occured? The chosen station might not be reporting correctly. Not seeing any recorded precipitation on your soil moisture graph.

Also, it looks like before 10/19 and prior your zone (Zone 3 front sidewalk) was fully depleted meaning it would water at the first chance it could. Did you empty the zone soil moisture or put the controller in standby mode? The zone does correctly look like its tracking soil moisture after the latest watering on 10/20.

Hope this helps.


Fran’s, thanks for your reply. It rained the 2 days before the event. Soaking rains. I made no adjustments to the program. The afternoon before the event I checked ratio and NO watering was scheduled yet it watered the next morning, all zones.

Not an issue I have had before the last couple of months.

@NJ0130 Thanks for this additional information. If you experience this behavior again please let us know. Also, when it rains again I’d make sure your soil moisture graph is capturing the precipitation (or find the PWS you chose on the internet and make sure its reporting accurate precipitation).