Problem with my Rachio Gen 1


Hello Rachio Community! I have problems with my Rachio… is not working good at this moment… zone 1 starts and work good, then zone 2 start and stop instantly… the same with zone 3 and 4… but directly doesn’t start. I don’t have problems with cables, I know that… I believe it’s a problem with the commands in my Rachio… anyone know how can I check it?
Thanks in advance!


It is a possibility that you have an issue with your valves too…albeit slim since it is affecting 3 zones with similar issues…


I know that this is a possibility but not in this case.

Some administrator can check my device?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Mixhabier - so sorry we missed this!

Are you able to narrow this down to one zone that’s causing the problem? There could be an issue with the solenoid shorting?

If not, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team so they can take a deeper dive into the issue and log it for our team if it’s something with the controller!