Problem since update

First how do I tell what version app do I have?
As far as I can tell I am not getting the update even though my iPhone is set to automatic updates for apps
Secondly on my iPad I am getting the following message:
Your account is outdated. Please log in to your account on a mobile device to automatically update your account. You will then be able to access your Rachio account normally on any platform

What is happening???

As you know the V3 version rolled out, and if you go into the app and it looks familiar to you, you don’t have the new update. V3 is a TOTAL overhaul of the front and backend so everything looks different. Even though you have auto updates on, you may still need to go to the app store and force the upgrade. I did on my Samsung.

Hey @heshie75v-

The new V3 software has a new icon, which may be the easiest way to identify it. It is the lighter Rachio blue logo with a white background. I would recommend searching it in the app store and upgrading from there. If you don’t see an upgrade option, you can also delete the app and redownload. Let me know if you run into issues!

McKynzee :rachio:

Check that your phone is running a recent version of iOS. Forgot the version numbers, but V3 won’t run on older versions of iOS, and Rachio will not update in the app store until iOS is updated.