Problem or Bad User Interface

I woke up this morning to discover that my watering schedule did not run. When I checked the history it stated that the schedule was manually skipped. I certainly did not skip it (at least intentionally) and unless someone hacked into my system I cannot imagine who would have. I have only had this controller for about a week and but I find the user interface on my iPhone to be very clunky. Not sure how it compares to other smart controllers but I find it very hard to navigate the screens. While I suppose it is possible that I inadvertently did a manual skip while trying to read history and summary information it should not be that easy to accidentally skip cycles.

Accidental skips have been reported before. That’s the most likely answer. Kids apparently have been the culprit too. On my I’m not an app designer but wouldn’t it be nice wish list: I’d like to see Yes Do It confirmation dialog or PIN based confirmation. If you go into a schedule you can “quick run” the entire schedule to catch up.