"Problem loading your information"

I am trying to log in to my sprinkler (Rachio 3) and I keep getting the “we had a problem loading your information” message. I hit the “retry” button over and over, no luck.

I have tried rebooting the device (unplugged for 30 seconds)
Rebooting the phone
Network is working fine

Hey! This error pops up when the app can’t load your controller upon start up of the app. I checked on some logs and it looks like we had some cases where the connection the app makes to our servers closed when trying to make the request that failed for you.

Since that’s the first connection we make when the app starts up, it looks like there’s some issue creating that connection. One thing to try would be to try disconnecting from WiFi temporarily and try connecting via cellular to see if that allows you to get in to the app. If that works, we can potentially debug further on what could be preventing the app from connecting while on WiFi.

Let me know if that works for you!

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For whatever reason it is working now. About 2 hours later I tried from an iPad and it worked.

I was trying to check because there was rain in the forecast and I did not want the unit to run. It did not, but I also never received the skip email, so there seems to be a lot of buggy behavior this morning.

Thanks for the update! I asked around to some of the server engineers and it sounded like we had some connectivity issues early this morning right around the time you were seeing the error. Those have since been resolved so things should be good to go on all your devices again.

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